Stop browsing for event planners and hire Clearly Classy immediately! I emailed Johnell to ask if she could tackle a small private party at our house. The party was in honor of my wife's military promotion. I had originally intended on planning the event, but realized I was over my head. Johnell returned my email quickly and set up a call to discuss. She was so excited to help us out, especially because it was for a military member. I had only given her 10 days to plan, but let me tell you, the party was perfect! Johnell and her assistant thought of everything. Welcome signs, balloons, decorations, the alcohol order, and the food. The food was a HUGE hit. Johnell and her assistant worked through the evening, ensuring that the food was incredibly displayed, and transitioned the food between appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, main dishes and desserts. Johnell's assistant, Jessica, spent a large amount of her time behind the "bar", a table they had set up and decorated, ensuring that our guests were never empty handed. They displayed each type of beer and wine we had ordered so our guests could see what we had available...a small detail that was brilliant. As the party slowed, Johnell did a great job of checking in with me periodically, but also staying behind the scenes as to not interrupt our guests. As the party wound down, I came in to the kitchen to find Johnell and Jessica cleaning our personal dishes, and transitioning the flowers she brought from several vases into one. She took the time to cut the daisies to fit and arranged them in the new vase. They handled the trash and decorations. Our house was neat and tidy when they left. Johnell's service was ABOVE AND BEYOND what we had imagined. She squeezed a lot in to our budget and even came in under budget! Most importantly, because she was there, my wife and I were able to focus our on our family and friends instead of playing host. I would definitely hire Johnell again, and encourage you to do the same.



Wow! That is all I can say about this company! Johnell and her crew seem to do an amazing job at EVERYTHING! I didn't use Clearly Classy Events for my wedding, but I have been to a couple of weddings that did. The wedding planning was very detailed and thoroughly executed! I don't usually notice logistic details when I attend weddings but the few that I have seen have been amazing! Hard not to notice!

Most recently I did, however, use Clearly Classy Events for a baby shower. "Clearly" there isn't a job too large or too small for these ladies! As far as event planning goes, they are second to none! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to have a good time, for any occasion!

Need an event planner? What about a wedding planner? This is your one-stop shop!



I have recommended Johnell Huebner, owner of CCE, many times, and everyone is always happy with her work! You can't find a better event planner to keep track of all the details and expertly coordinate all that needs to be done to pull off a successful event. Highly recommended.

Christie Smith

Quotable Quill/Q2 Designs

After knowing Johnell for years and having her plan and orchestrate many of my events ranging from charity, sorority, and many of my wedding events I can only say the best of the best words for her. She is always professional and extremely detailed oriented. She lets you be a guest at your own event. I just found out that my mother has hired her for my baby shower next month and I can't wait to see what she has in-store
for me again!

Morgan Grace