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9 years ago johnell Comments Off on Our own little Jenny from the block….

Booking a bride with the name Jennifer Lopez just sounded fun!  She couldn’t wait to marry out of the name and we couldn’t wait to reference that we were doing J-Lo’s wedding!!  This little cutie had a gorgeous day in mind when we began to plan this one!  Jennifer had a very elegant, simply classic [read more]

9 years ago johnell Comments Off on Uniquely hers….

      Wedding Clearly Classy Events For this wedding the bride that works in the industry wanted to truly integrate touches that were uniquely hers.  When you see so much of the same thing these days she knew that it would be in the details that would make her wedding stand out! On a [read more]

9 years ago johnell Comments Off on Meet Laura, the epitome of class and style!

Our Classy image would lack luster if we didn’t have our own modern day Audrey Hepburn to keep shop running flawlessly! Our lead coordinator, Laura Neiman, received her Undergraduate degree in Public Relations at Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas. In May, Laura will be graduating with her MBA from St Edward’s. Laura has been [read more]

10 years ago Clearly Classy Events Comments Off on Answering questions for a college paper…

From time to time we get requests for interviews for class projects and what not…here is one I received today and my responses, I was pretty candid with her as you will come to find out… 1. How would you describe the ideal client? The ideal client would have a general idea of what they [read more]