Here at Clearly Classy we stay pretty busy with weddings just about every weekend.  During the summer however we have a teacher's schedule.  I relate this directly to the heat in Texas and brides not wanting to wear a 50 pound dress in it.  Due to this we have a little time off, a very welcomed break to do other things besides plan agendas day in and day out.  We are actually getting to focus on some fun stuff.  So Laura and I have made it our mission to visit area venues to get a feel for what is really out there.  There are so many incredible places to get married in the Hill Country, a place for any bride and groom and a location to fit any size pocket-book.  Here are two of the beautiful venues that we just recently visited.

Thurman's Mansion
This beautiful place in Driftwood, Texas offers a beautiful lawn overlooking a vineyard and has one of the most gorgeous sunsets.  While we were there we witnessed a lightning storm that was incredible and felt like mother nature herself was whispering to us in our ear.  The peacefulness that this place offers is second to none.   The price range out here is very reasonable, accommodating most bride's budgets.

The second place we went was a little gem named The Hummingbird House.  This unique venue offers a garden wedding for 250.  The price to rent this venue would absolutely fit any bride's budget. The pictures on the website can't begin to tell the story of this awesome nugget just 15 minutes from the bustling downtown center of Austin.  If a garden wedding is your style, this is a MUST SEE.

We are going to be making the rounds and I plan to tell you all about our favorite spots.  In the meantime if you need any suggestions we are always here!!